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Romantic Honeymoons

& Weddings

Enchanting Europe

Cruise Vacations

Couple Traveling Exotic Waterfall
From romantic getaways to destination weddings, here at Independence Travel, we will help you plan it every step of the way. Making each one more memorable.   more»
Family Vacation Beach Near Croatia
Some of our fondest childhood memories are from family vacations. Sharing these special times brings families closer together. Traveling together can be exciting, adventurous and engaging for all.   more»
Corporate Travel - Airport
Thousands of businesses call Independence, Ohio their home, and many use Independence Travel for their corporate travel needs.   more»

A Cleveland Travel Agency

Independence Travel is a Cleveland area travel agency that specializes in both leisure and corporate travel. Our team of travel professionals are experienced and knowledgeable on nearly every destination in the world.

Our services include finding our clients the best vacation values to meet their budget and lifestyle. Through our connections, we orchestrate travel dreams.

The Tropical Caribbean

Year round sunshine and warm weather make the Islands of the Caribbean one of the most popular places to visit in the world! Whether you visit via a land resort or as part of a cruise, our team at Independence Travel will help you find the perfect Caribbean vacation!